What is Two Minute Treatise?

Two Minute Treatise is a bite-sized philosophical newsletter designed to bring carefully crafted reflections to your mailbox every Monday. It only takes two minutes to read, but is jammed-full of analysis and discussion of complex sources.

Who am I?

My philosophical background is rooted primarily in the revived Hellenistic philosophy of Stoicism (I am a Stoic-in-training!) but I have also studied Nietzsche, educational philosophy and psychology (ranging from Socrates to Vygotsky and Freire), self-help, and mindfulness. The eclectic nature of my studies produces a unique blend of insights while remaining accessible.  I am, by no means, an ivory-tower philosopher— rather, I am a lover of learning who wants to bring others along for the journey.

Some Examples

Below are my three most popular essays to give you an idea of what to expect when you subscribe:

On Contentment

On Love II

On Clouds

Welcome Aboard

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